Please follow the steps below to help determine which parts you need.  If you still need help determining what to order just click on the "Chat with us" in the bottom right corner, drop us an email sales@americanfencesupplyfl.com, click on "contact us" in the top bar or just give us a call!  239-214-2728



Step # 1: Draw a layout with measurements.  Determine how many end posts and corner posts you will need first.  Use the drawing above to help determine where the ends and corners are.

Step # 2: Calculating your sections.  Take the measurement between each end/corner post and divide by 6.  Always round up.  For example: If you have a run that measures 63 ft.  Divide 63 by 6 = 10.5.  Round up to 11.  That number 11 is the number of sections you will need for that run.  Repeat for all runs.

Step # 3: Determine how many line post you need.  Take the number of sections in each individual run and subtract 1.  For example: If you need 11 sections to complete a run you will need 10 line post for that run. Repeat for all runs.

Step # 4: Calculating your caps.  Just simply add up the amount of posts you have and that is the amount of caps you will need

Step # 5: Add your single and double gate kits.  No need to calculate here.  Our gate kits come with all the necessary parts and accessories to completely build the gate.